Help with vehicles

We recommend that you measure your vehicle before booking or use our vehicle size lookup feature.


Cars, MPVs, pick-ups built on a car chassis, and other passenger vehicles with up to 7 seats, including specially adapted disabled vehicles


Recreational vehicles built or adapted for sleeping which include fitted seating and kitchen facilities.


Vans, pick-ups, trucks and other goods vehicles designed to carry heavy loads and have not been specifically constructed or adapted for the carriage of passengers. Maximum 7.00m long.


Single or double chassis freight vehicles designed to carry heavy loads. 7.01m to 19.00m long. To book freight a vehicle over 19m long, 4.2m high or 44 tonne gross vehicle weight rating please call our Freight Reservation Office on 023 9285 5260.


Passenger vehicles 5.01 to 8.00m long with 8-17 seats.


Passenger vehicles over 8.01m long. Because we need to know additional information for coach bookings such as loaded and empty passenger numbers, please visit our Coach page to make your booking.

 Motorcycles, trikes & quads

Motorcycles, Motorcycles with sidecars, three or four wheeled personal powered tricycle, TWIZY or quad bike up to 3.5m long.

 Bicycles and mobility scooters

Pushbikes, e-bikes and battery powered Mobility scooters travel free of charge when a customer purchases a foot passenger ticket, but should be declared at the time of booking.

Dangerous goods (including compressed gas etc. used for medical purposes) must be declared at least 24 hours before travel.

Camping gas canisters must be declared when you arrive at the port.

Please measure your vehicle from your front bumper to the rear of your car, and from the bottom of your tyres to the roof of your car, including any extras which make the vehicle longer or taller such as a bike rack, towbar or roof box, but excluding a trailer or caravan.